Dedicated Development Centre

Dedicated Development Centre works as an extended office at a different location. It helps a business to concentrate on its core competencies and related issues without hassling about the creation, development, analyzing and testing of a product. We at Web Planet offer our clients complete control over the projects without paying additional costs or hiring more work force. Our team helps the businesses to find appropriate solution about software and products and how they would be implemented for the betterment of the business. Over and above this, we offer an easy and quick access to a large pool of multi-disciplinary IT professionals, at a very low cost.

Why you should hire Web Planet team

Ready-to-use IT infrastructure

Affordable and multiple IT resources available at a very low cost

Comprehensive control over the projects flow and team structure (/ priorities, schedules, requirements, deliverables)

Luxury to remove or add resources according to the requirements of your project

Commitment to meet the deadlines

Swift development process

Physical and network security

Flexible working hours as per the requirement of the client

Organizational and full HR support

Centralized backup

Continuous communications with dedicated development team through messenger, VoIP and email

IP protection and confidentiality

Daily work logs

Data loss security

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